In this episode, we talk to Ben Lawrence (56 Oval), who with the backing of Straightliners will be timing a series of drag racing events here in NI. Despite living in the province for nearly two decades he hasn’t lost a hint of his Essex accent, and we talk about his obsession with aircooled VWs, drag racing and how he relishes the challenge of getting on the tools of carbureted classics.

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Ben worked on John Peden’s Mk2
Ben is constantly working on carbs. As binoculars.
Ben’s old 12s Quarter Mile Beetle with the ’56 Oval’ window, now owned by another RMS Member
The Peppermint Beetle

Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.