GQ and Top Gear’s Jason Barlow Joins Sold as Seen Podcast Episode 6

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GQ Magazine.  Top Gear.  Loaded Magazine.  Bond Cars.  12th July Riots.  Eddie Irvine.  Don’t be a star f**ker.  Firing Jonny Smith.   The Kelly Show.  Driven.  Mike Brewer.  Lauda.  Paul Weller.  Tarantino.  Christian Bale.  Matt Damon.  Michael Caine.

You’re going to be to be blown away.  The story of local lad Jason Barlow, on writing the dream on the latest episode of the Sold as Seen Podcast.

Jason Barlow is Editor-At-Large at Top Gear magazine, and a contributor for GQ magazine where he has written articles for over 23 years and has recently released Amazon Best Seller Bond Cars: A Definitive History.  He hails from Bangor, Northern Ireland and among many other things, he presented BBC2 Top Gear for 55 episodes replacing Jeremy Clarkson before the show was relaunched in 2002, worked with James May and Mike Brewer on Driven, and sabotaged his own interview for Max Power magazine with publisher EMAP in the ’90s.  

“Machines can create things of great emotion.”  Jason Barlow, Sold as Seen Podcast, Episode 6.

Jason is currently on our TV screens as a judge on ITV4’s the Car Years, but it’s his incredible automotive journalism and the column inches that followed that tell the real story.  From Car Magazine to Loaded, to Top Gear Magazine and did I mention GQ?    If you love cars, music, and film, prepare your ears for episode 6 of Sold as Seen.

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These show notes are to accompany episode 6 of the Sold as Seen Podcast.

The Road Rat

The Car Years – ITV4

You can find out more about Jason by following him on GQ: or on social media @jasonbarlowuk

Jason’s Merc W123 and stunning Ferrari F355.

Important journalism at work in a Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Jason with Lewis Hamilton… and a motley crew that is the Sold as Seen team.



How was the first Extreme E race? Our verdict - Motor Sport Magazine

Jason’s one time colleague at GQ, Boris Johnson.  Source Car

Boris Johnson reviews the 2005 Vantage V8 | CAR Magazine


BMW takes another step on BEV mission with iX, i4 | Automotive News

McLaren Artura vs Lotus Emira

McLaren Artura - Wikipedia  New 2022 Lotus Emira starts bold new era for British brand | Auto Express

Ferrari 296 GTB

New Ferrari 296 GTB Dropped | GQ


Jason and the Trophy.

Mercedes EQS Hyperscreen –

2022 Mercedes EQS - Giant Hyperscreen! - YouTube

Jason’s Ferrari SF90 Review on GQ:

Jason Interview’s Mate Rimac on Top Gear:

Jonny Smith, the Late Brake Show as discussed, and that superb Shmee interview.

Jason’s much lauded GQ Article on 12th July Rioting in Belfast: terrorism-northern-ireland-the-troubles-new-ira

Alec Baldwin in Framing John Delorean, who Jason interviewed about the film.

Le Casse (1971)

Dennis Hopper in the Ford Cougar Ad:


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hutchy_belfast replied at 08:17, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
I really enjoyed that, found it really interesting cheers.
Enda replied at 08:54, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
That’s my entertainment for driving home from Dublin this evening sorted.
Eddies replied at 10:06, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
I don't believe the future cars are consumer drivento a full extent. I believe if you strip a car and build a basic model it will sell as people don't want the faff. Look at the right to repair cases in the states with ev and others. Also prime example dacia stripped a car to basic and sold numbers.
Cooper replied at 11:41, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
| I don't believe the future cars are consumer drivento a full extent. I believe if you strip a car and build a basic model it will sell as people don't want the faff. Look at the right to repair cases in the states with ev and others. Also prime example dacia stripped a car to basic and sold numbers.
True, there's a lot of regulation meaning that there is a minimum amount of tech and kit needs built in. Driver aids being the big one from lane assist to speed sign reading/limiters that are on their way. People do want adaptive cruise, carplay, wireless charging, parking cameras - but then that all costs too. The Dacia model is interesting too, I must get my hands on the Duster as its supposed to be quite a decent boggo vehicle. Just don't as long as I can put their terrible Queen based ad out of the back of my mind.
Rocko replied at 11:52, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
332051 I promise I was more excited (and nervous) than this shows. Proper actual motoring journo talking to us tits. Fantastic! Super nice bloke too, especially when Coopers connection died midway and we spent a few minutes slagging him.
P2ULW replied at 14:18, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
Brilliant, seemed a really nice guy, great show as always.
Arfur replied at 19:08, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
Really interesting stories from Jason Barlow there… the man has been pretty much living the petrol heads dream! One thing I noticed is that he has encountered a vast amount of people in the automotive world but no matter how long ago it was that the story he was recalling occurred… he remembered their names. That says a lot about the man I think. Top bloke. Fantastic episode again lads(y)
Todd replied at 19:21, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
Started listening to this earlier in work. Great so far!
Gaz replied at 20:10, Fri 13 Aug, 2021
That was a really enjoyable podcast to record, I think we were all pretty much enthralled by the career Jason has had and the people he’s encountered over the years, never mind some of the fantastic cars he’s driven. A very intelligent, interesting and articulate guy who was kind enough to take some time to talk to us. And as @Arfur mentioned, his ability to recall so many specific names didn’t go unnoticed. We’ve been very fortunate so far in that all our podcast guests have not only had really interesting stories they’re happy to share with us, but also make it easy for us in that they have been very good speakers and easy to listen to.
Kerzo replied at 09:25, Sun 15 Aug, 2021
Just caught up with the last two episodes, you guys are on a roll with some great content! I’m not sure if it’s by design or just how it goes but the variety of guests and subjects is great, looking forward to the next episodes!