Great Fun had at Mondello Track Day

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At the start of October, just before the second lockdown, myself and several other RMS members made the run down to Mondello Park Race Circuit for a trackday run by  

Mondello is about 2.5hrs from Belfast, a straightforward run down the M1, round the M50 about half an hour from Dublin itself.  Having competed in drift competitions there years ago I was excited to get back out onto the technical international circuit.  Sun and clear skies as we neared Dublin helped build anticipation for some great track conditions.

The events have been run by Rob King and Stephen Kershaw for several years and it was clear from arrival that there was a well honed setup in place, especially considering the extra steps forced upon all events due to Covid-19.  All paperwork was carried out online advance and there was a driver’s briefing video to watch from the comfort of home, saving time at the track as well.

I had booked the afternoon session – a nice choice to have and avoided an early start leaving NI.  Sessions generally run 10-1pm and 2.30-5.30pm, or you can of course book the whole day.   One of the main differences between this event and the likes of Kirkistown is the open pit lane, so within reason you can come on and off track as often as you want.  I know I ended up with stacks of track time.

Mondello International Circuit

Mondello Park - Wikipedia

Mondello is blessed with several different layouts, using the excellent 1.8 mile long international configuration with its technical infield and elevation changes as you head down to 7a above making it a hoot to drive and with corners in both variety and number there’s always lots to learn.  

Arriving just before lunch we were greeted with pizza in the rooms above the pit garages and got chatting with the organisers and other drivers.  Everything was fairly relaxed and we got a socially distanced briefing before going out on track.  At the start of each session there is 10 minutes reserved for novices and newbies to follow the instructor for sighting and orientation on track.  I tagged along and it was a great way to refamiliarise myself and warm up the car without going out in attack mode on lap one.

I was out several times during the afternoon session along with getting out as a passenger and generally the standard of driving was very good apart from those few who either didn’t use their rear view mirror often enough!  

Being dry and in Mondello’s sizeable paddock there was plenty of space to spread out and set up, and is usual with any track events I’ve been to everyone is eager to help each other out.  One of the reasons I love track days for sure.

A brilliant circuit  and well run track day has me thinking without a doubt I’ll be back to another track day at Mondello.


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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

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gav525 replied at 12:14, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
Definitely a great day to be had at Mondello and well worth the drive! Really well run as @Cooper said, I’ll be back for sure next year!
pablo replied at 12:50, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
yeah I really enjoyed it too, might consider full day next time just to get to know the track a bit better
gixermark replied at 14:11, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
international is a tough enough track to learn.... but SO much more worth it than the national
pablo replied at 14:43, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
dont think Id bother if it was the shorter track
adzy replied at 15:27, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
-aVTTE9kAFE Spotted you in this @Cooper about 2:40
Cooper replied at 15:40, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
LOL @ “Quick Lotus” ?
pablo replied at 16:08, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
| LOL @ “Quick Lotus” ?
remember you used to have one of them :P
Cooper replied at 18:16, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
| remember you used to have one of them :P
Maybe you’ll have one. Some day. ?
pablo replied at 18:22, Wed 28 Oct, 2020
I’ve got half a one :)
geekshow2 replied at 11:47, Wed 04 Nov, 2020
How much was it for the half day?