About RMS Motoring

RMS is the home of motoring in Northern Ireland.  Since inception in 2001, the site has grown from a small car audio enthusiast website to the largest online community forum in Northern Ireland, with over 20,000 members and is one of the busiest motoring websites in the island of Ireland.

The ethos behind RMS is simple: a website that provides the latest motoring news, car reviews and coverage of local and international motoring events, as well a forum for members to discuss all things cars.  Founded and run by self-confessed car nut (and European Drift Championship driver) Andy Cooper, as Reallymeansounds.com, the site continues to grow with the support of members and a range of companies from the automotive world.

RMS BBQ, Hallidays Bushmills, Summer 2018

RMS now covers a range of events on a weekly basis, with several photographers and reporters providing their take on the latest major moves in the world of motoring.

Andy himself is actively involved with motorsport, track days and competing in drift competitions.

In 2016 RMS rebranded from Really Mean Sounds / Reallymeansounds.com to RMS Motoring and moved to the current domain rmsmotoring.com.

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This Sounds Great.  How do I join?

You need to head over to the forum and sign up.  It’s free, and only takes a few minutes.  Then say hello in the Introductions section.

Then why not post up some photos of your car in our Members Cars section, our online Garage system, come to one of our Cars, Tyres and BBQ events or even sell something in our classifieds!

Andy Cooper.