500 MRCI Race Meeting at Kirkistown

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Today saw the opening race meeting of the 2011 championship, there was a good mix of cars including the visit of the Fiat Unos and Puntos,libre saloons, Roadsports,NIsevens and formula ford.

full results:

Formula Vee. Qualifying race. 1 Adam Macauley (Sheane FV01) 9 laps in 10m 23.29s (78.60mph); 2 William Callaghan (Sheane FV93) + 03.30s; 3 Philip Devlin (Sheane FV00); 4 Paula Moore (Leastone JH002); 5 Paul Heavey (Leastone JH004); 6 Kevin Grogan (Leastone JH002); 7 Damian Murphy (Leastone JH004); 8 Niall McGahon (Sheane FV01); 9 Ian Campbell (Sheane FV02); 10 Morgan McCourt (Sheane FV01). PP: Macauley 1m 06.69s (81.61mph). FL: Devlin 1m 07.84s (80.23mph). S: 11.Final. 1 John Downey (Leastone JH004) 10 laps in 11m 30.31s (78.85mph); 2 David OBrien (Sheane FV98) + 00.09s; 3 Robbie Allen (Sheane FV03); 4 Lee Newsome (Sheane FV); 5 David Kelly (Sheane FV02); 6 Campbell; 7 Callaghan; 8 Devlin; 9 Macauley; 10 Moore. PP: Dan Polley (Leatone JH002) 1m 06.02s (82.45mph). FL: Newsome 1m 06.34s (82.05mph).S: 18.

Pre 90 Formula Ford 1600. 1 Jonathan McMullan (Mondiale M89S) 16 laps in 17m 02.14s (85.20mph); 2 Andrew Ritchie (Mondiale M89S) +06.71s; 3 Neville Anderson (Mondiale M89S);4 Jamesy Hagan (Reynard FF84); 5 John Stewart (Reynard FF84); 6 Ryan Templeton (Crossle 32F); 7 David Nichol (Reynard FF89); 8 Henry Campbell (Reynard FF83); 9 Robbie Stevens (PRS RH01); 10 David Black (Crossle 32F). PP: McMullan 1m 02.82s (86.65mph). FL: McMullan 1m 02.60s (86.96mph). S: 11.

Saloons/GTs/Fiats. Race one. 1 Pat McBennett (Lotus Elise) 16 laps in 17m 01.20s (85.28mph); 2 Mike Johnston (Sunbeam Tiger) + 13.28s; 3 Craig Davidson (Mazda RX7); 4 Stephen Traub (Honda Integra); 5 Ralph Jess (BMW M3); 6 Tony Traub (Honda Integra); 7 Greer Wray (Vectra Challenge); 8 Wesley Lyle (Ford Ecort); 9 Donal ONeill (Seat Cupra); 10 Paul Sheridan (Ford Escort).CW: McBennett; Davidson; John McCormack (Fiat Punto); Colin Clinton (Fiat Uno). PP: McBennett 1m 01.24s. FL: McBennett 1m 02.35s (87.30s). S: 19. Race two. 1 McBennett 10 laps in 11m 17.40s (80.35mph); 2 Sheridan + 07.01s; 3 ONeill; 4 Wray; 5 Lyle; 6 Gary Cunningham (Fiat Punto); 7 McCormack; 8 Barry Hallion (Fiat Punto); 9 Vicky Reilly (Fiat Punto); 10 Samantha Kellett (Fiat Punto).CW: Cunningham; Clinton; McBennett; Sheridan. PP: Mc Bennett 1m 01.43s (88.61mph). FL: ONeill 1m 06.40s (81.98mph).S: 13.

Roadsports. 1 Stephen Donnelly (Locost) 6 laps in 6m 15.98s (86.86mph); 2 John Benson (Sylva Fury) + 09.49s; 3 Jim Hutchinson (Westfield); 4 Ryan Magennis (GMS); 5 Jack Boal (Locost); 6 Trevor Allen (Sylva Stryker); 7 Iain Leinster (Westfield); 8 Jimmy Dougan (Locost); 9 Johnny Armstrong (Westfield); 10 Laurence Mawhinney (Westfield).CW: Donnelly; Magennis. PP: Hutchinson 59.92s (90.84mph). FL: Hutchinson 1m 01.01s (89.21mph). S: 14.

Open Formula Ford 1600. 1 Ivor McCullough (Van Diemen RF00) 15 laps in 15m 36.36s (87.19mph); 2 Adrian Pollock (Van Diemen RF08) + 01.11s; 3 Jonathan McMullan (Mondiale M89S); 4 Chris Paul (Mondiale M93S); 5 John Stewart (Reynard FF84); 6 Ryan Templeton (Crossle 32F); 7 David Nichol (Reynard FF89); 8 Henry Campbell (Reynard FF83). PP: McCullough 1m 01.90s (87.93mph); FL: McCullough 1m 01.08s (89.12mph ) record. S: 10.

Formula Libre. 1 Ivor Greenwood (Radical Porosport) 11 laps in 10m 45.36s (92.78mph); 2 Jim Larkham (Radical) + 36.96s; 3 Philip Shields (Tatus); 4 Geoffrey Moffett (Van Diemen). PP: Greenwood 57.04s 95.42mph). FL: Greenwood 56.98s (95.53mph). S: 5.


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