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Saturday 26 May saw families flock to Sunny Bangor for a fun day out, viewing a large and diverse range of vehicles on display at Bangor’s Elim Church, This event has been held annually for at least a decade, of that I am sure, and as always, never fails to disappoint.

This motoring extravaganza returned to the Church grounds, just off the Balloo Road in the seaside town, to bring a show with something for everyone to see and do. Static displays being the main attraction for most, which included everything from modified, custom, military, classic and vintage cars and bikes.

I have to say the Enzo Pasolini ridden Benelli racing bike, (a replica I believe) was rather quite special and made ALL the noise during a parade lap of the action area whilst inside, a mini-moto sidecar custom build put a smile on my face, as too did the custom mini-moto chopper, aptly named a ‘Hardly-a-Davidson’.

Outside, a former Royal Ulster Constabulary, Simba Land Rover was a reminiscent sight that we gladly haven’t seen in use for many years, whilst a red BMW 528i from 1986 was impeccably presented, and parked in a link road between display hall’s, a Citroen 2CV brightened the day for me, with a Willys MB JEEP getting plenty of attention also.

Static displays were not the only thing on offer however, there was live action shows on offer from the TSCC NI autotest demonstration as well as Trialstar motorcycles trials team within an arena, all showing off their skills while offering plenty of entertainment.

If your stomach was still settled after watching these stunts, you could avail of the great food and drinks on offer, with yet again, something for everyone from the cafe inside or for those prepared for the long warm queue, an excellent burger BBQ sizzling away (no car show is complete without a burger after-all).

The show opened its doors at 11:00hrs (closing at 17:30hrs) and I arrived once the event was in full swing, right in the middle of its timings, due to attending two other shows that morning, which you can read about in the coming days on this very blog.

I have to say though; I wish I could have arrived earlier, as there is lot’s to see and take-in.

Having grown up in the era of the ‘Modified Car Show Scene’ I can safely say, gone are the days of enjoying car shows with fire-breathing, scantily-clad ladies alongside clouds of burning rubber, as cars were driven in anger within a drift arena.

Car shows now, and most certainly those organised by the churches, are proper family experiences and I am starting to enjoy the more varied, slower pace of these events, with The Elim Car Show being one of my favourites to attend!


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m00k 06:10 | Sun 03 Jun, 2018 | Report
Mind going to this years ago in the cav was a great wee show... @KeithRobinson was there in ndz too
Graham 15:03 | Sun 03 Jun, 2018 | Report
| Mind going to this years ago in the cav was a great wee show... @KeithRobinson was there in ndz too
Still a fantastic event mate, proper wee family day out !

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