British International Motorshow at Excel Centre

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On one of the hottest days of the year so far, we started our journey to Custom House, home of the ExCeL show centre, upon entry we were greeted to 2 large arenas, filled full of cars, shows, stands, and a bustling crowd. Out the back we were pleasantly surprised to see live action arenas, 1 with some of the most desirable, and rugged 4×4 cars, Landrover Defenders being the main attraction, creeping up and down large artificial hills and pushing the boundaries of 4×4 use. Another arena showed us, a Mazda line up, of RX-8’s, MX-5’s, and others including the Prodrive RX-8, all on a track for which gave enjoyment to a large crowd, and also gave the chance for the public to try out this exotic line of cars. Also on display were Vauxhall and their range of VXR’s.

One of the main attractions of the show, was Honda’s high rise stand, with its main star, the New Honda Civic Type R. Easily one of the cars which gave the crowd most delight in seeing. The car itself was situated overlooking the rest of the show, a prime location for a car that may well have set the newest trends in the industry.

Also on display were some of the most desirable and exotic manufacturers. Ferrari, Lamborghini, TVR, Pagani, all showing their pristine examples, only the shiniest will do!!

As we proceeded to exit we were confronted with one of the humorous and exciting stands, The Mini stand, (which was located inside the large BMW area, showcasing the BMW ORACLE Racing Boat.) Following on from their advert, “Do not accept imitations” 3 podiums with 3 Minis and 3 imitation Minis gave everyone a chuckle on their way out, and their main attraction the new Mini Cooper S GP.

As the show closed everyone proceeds about their way home, some of the lucky ones who had tickets, entered another arena, called The Dock Rock, showcasing numerous celebs, such as the Sugababes. If only I had tickets!


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