Car Fest North at Oulton Park

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Carfest, the brainchild of Chris Evans, is a two-site, six-day event dedicated to the love of automobilia and popular culture.  This year’s “North” event followed the Southern event in Cheshire.

There was the usual slow traffic within a mile of the event, then an picturesque half-mile walk though a cornfield to the site. Signage was clear and colourful, always a bonus at these huge open-air festivals.

There were hundreds of things to do there – from the obligatory face-painting, or perhaps maypole-dancing, children’s driving school to gourmet dining experiences. Monster Trucks, Digger-Driving, Honda Lawnmower Challenges, Remote Control Racing – whatever would I do first? I decided to sit on a bank by the track and take some photos for a couple of hours.

Ed China was about the only personality I recognised, though apparently there were a few more around. I really must get me a TV and brush up on my celebrity-awareness.

The standout for me was the BTCC cars showboating around the track – and seeing one of my babies, a Bentley Continental W12 performing a burnout (something we’d be disciplined for if found doing these things at work in Crewe)!

I left before the evening festivities, having snapped just about every car I could. The £65 ticket covered evening concerts as well and 25% of takings go to Children in Need. All in all, a grand day out with only a few light showers to refresh the festival-goers through the day.

Sadly, just about half-way through the three-day North festival, pilot Kevin Whyman plunged into a field close to the event and lost his life. At the advice of the authorities, it was deemed safer to continue with the festival, and Chris Evans tearfully conveyed this advice to the TV News cameras on site.


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Cess replied at 09:31, Mon 03 Aug, 2015
Well written article and some great pictures @Cartunes, especially considerating the tragic circumstances that surrounded the show. Must have been a slightly odd and surreal experience, but Chris Evans dealt with a difficult siutation in a transparent and very human way. On a more positive note, I was absolutely delighted to see a snap of the Outspan Orange! I remember seeing this in some sort of car book I had as a kid
Cartunes replied at 09:41, Mon 03 Aug, 2015
All I said when it came round the corner was - OUTSPANDING!! I then giggled for 5 minutes........ Thank you for the kind comments @Cess - light was terrible on the day so there was much fuzziness - next time, I'll have a lens that can see clearly past 10 metres.
Gavlar replied at 09:49, Mon 03 Aug, 2015
The Busy World of Richard Scarry? Lol @Cess
Cess replied at 11:14, Mon 03 Aug, 2015
Close @Gavlar! :)
svensktoppen replied at 20:09, Thu 13 Aug, 2015
Nice one, that is probably one of the best car shows in the country (y)