Croft Hillclimb at Whinney Hill

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Croft hill climb based round hollywood / craigantlet area is a very twisty but fast climb and today for the annual evennt the weather couldn’t have been better for the huge entry from the road going class right up to the winning car whihc is a monster of a single seater and yet again another very well run day by the TSCC.

Top 10 at the end of the event are as follows

1. Simon Woodside; Pilbeam MP82; 32.41
2. Robert Morgan; Pilbeam MP82; 32.62
3. William Loughridge; Force PT; 33.28
4. Graham Thompson; GTR 1400; 34.61
5. George Stevenson; Jedi Suzuki; 36.50
6. Alan Soutar; Mondiale M84T; 36.75
7. Rudi Gage; Maguire Mini; 36.80
8. Andrew Thomspn; GTR 1400; 36.96
9. Robert McGimpsey; Van Diemen; 37.05
10. Peter Carvill; Mondiale M84T; 37.13

Images of most cars available by emailing [email protected]


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