IASCA Sound Off at Audio Advice

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Its been a turbulent year in the Irish Sound-off scene. IASCA was dropped in favour of EMMA but now IASCA is back. Audio Advice held the first show since IASCA returned and it was certainly a good breaking in event for all concerned. Turnout wasn’t massive but considering Extreme Power was on in Dublin it was actually pretty good.

Myself and Neil headed down to fly the RMS flag for SQ and SPL respectively. Neil is no stranger to SPL but for me it was the first time Ive been judged on SQ. We arrived late but as per usual the organisers were running more late so it was off to get the car washed and have a final listen and tweak with the EQ.

When we got back there was a bit more activity. John Robinsons Lexus was keeping the people happy pumping out sounds from the 5 million speakers this car seemed to have. Let’s not forget the Moon landing themed boot install. I think if Neil Armstrong saw 3 JBL subs above him like in this install he would have thought the Martians had arrived!!!

It wasn’t long before we were down to business. It was a great day with plenty of sunshine and the standard of installs was excellent. Star of the show for me was the ever so slightly understated Audio Advice Cinquecento with two 15” Alpine Type-R subs and the amp power to match. SQ saw entrants in all three classes with the latecoming Golf of Jonathan Smyth winning Ultra SQi (by only 2 points!!), Paul Dorritys 206cc scooping Street Smart and the mental MX3 of Kenneth Hall claiming Rookie 1st.

SPL saw Neil take 1st place in the 1-260 class with his RE SPL monster running on reduced power. 138.7db is still respectable with only 300w to play with. The 260-720 class saw a bit more competition with the Cinquecento taking it with a score of 149.5 from the two 15s. Alans MGZR promises more with the Kicker 18” square and four Kicker 1200.1 amps being kept on a tight reign for the day. Paul’s 206 took 3rd with the 4 JBL 12s.

In all the day proved to be a good taster for the upcoming 4play show where the competition will be fierce. Just what we want to see!


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Paul has been part of the team on RMS since early 2002. A big fan of car audio and electronics (when they work). Pilots a 996 911.

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