Jap Heaven Photoshoot at Sprucefield

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Well what can I say – with other events on the same day both north and south of the border noone expected a massive turnout for the Jap-Heaven meet at Sprucefield. Nevertheless Myself, Gaz, Marc, Pocket_Rocket and Merlin formed the obligitory convoy and headed south.

On arriving early there were a few nice nice motors but the best was most certainly to come. Throughout the day Evos, Imprezas, Skylines, Glanzas, 200SXs, 300ZXs and many many more examples of modified Jap machinery arrived. Before long the bottom half of the carpark was jam packed with enthusiasts.

A few cars we recognised from the local scene but there was certainly a good turnout from the south and even non-jap car owners with a simply heavenly sounding ferrari giving it dixie at every opportunity and Gaz’s rather tasty M3 among others.

All in all it was a great day, the sun shone and the craic was mighty. Highlight of the day? Tough call between the B3AST GTR skyline and the C2 with plastic spinners. I’ll let you guess which!

I certainly look forward to the next meet – regardless of what I’m driving.


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