Monaghan Forestry Stages at Forests

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This was my first trip to a round of the southern forest championship and i have to say it was very good, weather didn’t hold out too long but wasn’t too bad as it meant i put the camera away and enjoyed watching the event, 2nd stage 3 went off at the corner i was at and the 2nd run through it the part of stage was fast and rough with a few back ends bouncing out of control nearly especially the 106’s and evo’s. the top 6 overall seemed to be on the notes all day especially Allen, McHale, McCarthy which was fun to watch. Also cheers to the 2 lads i was with today as the craic was mighty all day!

1 Gareth McHale/Paul Nagle (Impreza) 39m 11s,
2 Glenn Allen/Damien Connolly (Corolla WRC) 39m 30s,
3 John McCarthy/Mick Morrissey (Corolla WRC) 39m 34s,
4 Adrian McElvaney/Paul Goodman (Impreza) 40m 05s,
5 Rodney Wilton/Conor McMahon (Lancer Evo Gp N) 40m 13s,
6 John McGlaughlin/David Moynihan (Lancer Evo Gp N) 40m 37s,
7 Raymond Johnston/Enda Sherry (Impreza WRC) 40m 50s,
8 (tie) Stephen Moore/Tony McHugh (Impreza Gp N) and Brendan Kelly/Derek Brannigan (Lancer Evo Gp N) 41m 04s,
10 Patrick Elliott/Mark Bowens (Lancer Evo Gp N) 41m 05s.


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