NI BMW Show Returns to Carrick Castle

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The annual gathering of the Enthusiasts of the Roundel was again held at the Carrickfergus Castle car park, thankfully in mostly dry conditions.  As usual there was an incredible turnout of Munich metal ranging from a 2002 Ti to the latest and greatest M platform cars.

With over a dozen prizes on offer, with trophies sponsored by a range of traders this is always a highly anticipated event for exhibitors as well as the visiting BMW enthusiasts.  We look at the winners below.

JKC: 5 Series E34 Winner  – Red M5

Country Garage BMW: 6 Series Winner

Country Garage BMW: 2002 Winner

CC Automotive: E30 Winner


Drysdale Motors: E46 Winner

We didn’t get a photo of this winner, but we do know it was an E46 M3, reg MJZ.  Post in the comments if you grabbed a photo.

Dungorkin Auto Repairs: Z4 Winner


John Leecocke BMW Diagnostics: E36 Winner

Won by an E36 M3, reg OCZ

NS Autocare: E39 Winner

TMC Motorsport: E30 325i Winner


Ultimate Perfection: 4 Series Winner


Best Visiting Car


Best Visiting Club: Club GTI

Car of the Show: Green E30


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RMS Forum Comments

Ceebl replied at 14:39, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
Loved the F10 M5, sounded glorious when he gave it a wee rev, sound chap too, had a chat with him
Cooper replied at 16:25, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
Great day out bar the rain at the end, just before I started snapping! Winners and photos now online :D NI BMW Show Returns to Carrick Castle - RMS NI BMW Show Returns to Carrick Castle - RMS
Cro replied at 16:43, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
Some cracking cars there, that green colour is just (L)
Sonny replied at 17:27, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
Didn't see you there @Cooper. I left as soon as that rain started though! My favourite BMW there: M4-1 by Sonny Gorman, on Flickr Fav car was Cathal's Impreza (L)
Neil_M replied at 17:34, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
Cracking day out :). At least the rain held off for most of the day. Great putting faces to names too. A big congrats to @Gemma for winning the trophy!
JonnyM replied at 17:43, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
Was a great day out, my Black Z4 got a Trophy! Some seriously nice cars about! 93294 93295
WSM replied at 18:26, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
M4s all standard/OEM? I knew I should have went!
clrrk replied at 18:28, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
@Cooper - I've a photo of the winning E46
RoniN replied at 18:36, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
| A big congrats to @Gemma for winning the trophy!
How did her fiesta win a trophy at a BMW show ??? :p Well done Gemma!! (y) Cheers
Woodcutter replied at 18:38, Sun 23 Aug, 2015
| @Cooper - I've a photo of the winning E46
That is an awesome E46 M3, the owner comes into the shop, he's great craic! Painted by AG Automotive in Portstewart.