Spring Rally FMT at Forestry Land

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This was Omagh Motor Clubs very well fun Spring Rally held in the woods south of FMT. Back to it’s base again it proved to be a huge success for the club and competitors alike with a few offs and tumbles in the process. The mk2 men were out in force and between Kelly, Hetherington and O’Connell they sure made it a fantastic spectating event, combined with the pace and style of Howard Clarke who took a long awaited victory it was a great day out indeed. Starting late and finishing early, all stages run with very little trouble, well done OMC.

1 Howard Clarke, Evo
2 Adrian Hetherington, Mk2
3 Paul Britton, Impreza
4 Frank Kelly, Mk2
5 Seamus O’Connell, Mk2
6 Errol Clarke, Evo
8 Eamon Mimnagh, Evo


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