SWRC Race and Track Day at Aghadowey Race Track

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Well as it turns out the main event of the past weekend was the Track & Race Day at Aghadowey. With other events proving to be a washout, the Sun shone (albeit for brief moments) and helped towards making this event the best one yet by far.

The usual main attractions were back in full force in the shape of Jason Gibson’s tyre-smokin’ Honda-Mini (if he ever gets a limited slip…my God!), Buff’s Skyline and the ever-successful Alan McBride with the Black M3 engined 3 Series who is definitely the man to beat on the strip.

Added to this were some new weird and wonderful machines in the Open Class of the SWRC Race Program: Graham Thompson brought his bike-engined single-seater hill climb car, Stephen McLarnon was the man in the V8 Westfield, Barry McAlinden had a good run in his Sapphire Cossie, Brian McKay’s V8 G3 Escort proved too good for the rest and Adrian McKinstry’s M5 E30 Bmw was devastatingly quick (while it lasted.)

The stars of the track-day kept the crowds entertained all day long. Everyone from the mad-man who landed the Granada in the gravel, the chap giving the blue M3 a death to the Drifters and the troop of Carltons and Senators, slithering their way down the straights. As some that tried and failed found out, yes there IS a knack to this! Well done lads for the display.

The cone racing was a laugh to say the least. Only ever intended to be purely for the craic, it did not disappoint. For some the highlights were the Clio that had to 3-point turn round the cone, the Nova that bit the dirt after running into the gravel and stalling or the Senators that were almost <em>too long</em> to diff on the main straight! For me though the Green Mini, McBride’s BM and Jimmy Hendersen’s Carlton were class of the field. Pity we were just gettin goin when the circuit owner put a stop to it all. He reckons it would take away from his Fire & Ice events, but I severely doubt that.

The Drag race was run as a knockout competition for the last time ever as we will be using timing gear in future. In the mix we had the expected Scooby, Impressive 200sx, Kwik Corsa, Pokey Prelude, Manic Mini, unBeaten BM………..1.0 Polo, 1.1 Saxo, 1.2 Clio! Madness it was! All were getting into the spirit in which SWRC run things and it was mighty craic. Some runs were timed, so out came the Calendar. The Polo is expected to cross the finish line any day now. Eventual winners were Alan McBride (2wd class) in the BM and yer man in the silver Scooby (can’t find his registration form, but he was bout yeh high with freckles!)

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