TSCC Auto Test at Billy Neill Playing Fields

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Well having had a good weekend at Santa Pod it was nice to come home to a local clubman event like this with varying vehicles and drivers from all ages! Good few novas out and also kit cars with 2 motorbike engined ones which looked very hard to control to say the least so fair play and a few of the mini’s where trying dam hard too. Well done to the TSCC on a very well run event and if possible i will get the class winners up asap.

<em>Class winners thanks to Terry from TSCC</em>

class 2 – Trevor McIlroy – Midget – 193.54 secs

class 3 – Paul McCulla – TVR3000M – 182.46secs

class 4 – Jimmy Dougan – Locost – 174.12secs

class 5 – Liam regan – Mini – 172.78secs

class 6 – Mark Sterling – Opel Kadett – 184.5secs

class 7 – George Clarke – Civic – 185.65secs

class 8 – Robert McGimpsey – Nocost – 165.29secs

class 9 – Michael Livingstone – Nova – 212.67secs


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