Fast and Furious Live Coming to SSE Belfast

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Get ready to experience like never before the adrenaline-fuelled thrills of one of the world’s most successful movie franchises.  Fast and Furious Live is coming to the SSE Arena in Belfast soon!

Fast and Furious Live, the all-new, ground-breaking arena show takes audiences closer than ever to the films. Featuring the most advanced theatrical technology and all the famous hero cars from across eight action-packed feature films, this new Fast and Furious story will unfold in this live spectical.

Incorporating the perfect blend of original cars from the movie series to exact replica’s built specifically for this all-new arena tour, you can witness firsthand the cars that gripped many of us in our early days of being an enthusiast.

From some 39 vehicles used during the show expect the most iconic cars from the first movie in the form of Brian’s Toyota Supra and Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger, the Supra producing a monstrous 720bhp at 1.2bar of boost.

From the fifth incarnation of the movie the ‘Safe Charger’, a Dodge Charger SRT can be seen whilst one of the actual ‘ramp cars’ from the sixth movie will be used, it is one of only two left in the world having featured in the movie.

Fast attack buggies from the seventh movie feature alongside Letty’s actual Dodge Challenger from the same film and a plethora of vehicles from the eighth movie can be expected such as Polaris RMK 800 Assult snow mobiles one of just two Lamborghini Murcielago used in the filming can be seen in action.

Expect to witness everything else from planes and trains to submarines and tanks during the two-hour spectacle.

New lead characters – street racer Sophia Diaz and DSS Agent Dawson, join forces to hunt down Cain, one of the last remaining thugs from Cipher’s crew.

As the live audience journey through the show with Diaz and Dawson on their mission, they not only witness mind-blowing car acrobatics, they become part of a team working together to get the bad guy.

The audience are set to become the heroes in this epic adventure which is coming to Belfast’s SSE Arena in May next year. It’s not easy, but Sophia and Dawson give them the training they need, as scene after intense scene unfolds before them using state of the art immersive 3D projection mapping and those legendary cars.

From underground drag racing in Los Angeles, drifting through car parks in Tokyo, outrunning a submarine in Russia and ripping a bank vault through the streets of Rio, the live audience get up close to everything they love from the explosive movie saga.

Real Action. Real Fast!

The Iconic Fast and Furious Supra

Using the most advanced technology and your favourite cars from the series, Fast and Furious Live will faithfully evoke the most outrageous moments from the beloved series., recreating the underground streets of Los Angeles to locations that criss-cross the globe.

Fast and Furious Live lets you relive the most extreme action as the team of precision performance drivers execute pulse-pounding stunts surrounded by blockbuster set design, authentic digital projections and state-of-the-art physical obstacles.

You’ll feel the heat from flaming, nitrous charged exhausts, marvel at mind-blowing vehicular acrobatics and wonder “how’d they do that” as scene after scene unfolds with the most immersive, entertaining technology imaginable.

You can get up close to everything you love from the explosive saga in a cutting-edge live experience that makes you part of the Fast and Furious family in a way never before possible on the 4-6 May 2018 in Belfast as the tour rolls into town.

Commenting in a video posted on his Facebook fan-page recently, actor Vin Diesel, who plays ‘Dominic Toretto’ in the film series said “As you know, my work with Fast and Furious never ends, which I am grateful for because of you all, and now I am in New York and we are filming for something that is going to be pretty state of the art”.

Vin continued “It’s something that no one will have seen before and something that is a live show which will first be shown in London and then go global, we are really excited about it and it’s a way for you to see the action first hand – it’s the first time it’s ever been done”!

Chris Burns

Lead Stunt Driver and Head of Vehicle Procurement is Belfast’s very own Chris Burns, an RMS member of course, who I think you would all agree probably has the best job in the world.

Not only does Chris get to drive some of the most iconic metal ever to turn a wheel and torture a tyre, he also gets to find, design and build said icons to his very own precision stunt weapon specification.

As a founding member of the ‘Steer from the Rear’ display team, a Northern Ireland stunt driving trio from many moons ago, Burns went on to tour the world as a driver with the Top gear Live show and from Belfast to Asia – Chris now leads his fleet of world class stunt drivers and vehicles from the front.

Commenting to us today, on the news of this all-new tour, the Northern Irish man said “It’s been a huge and tough challenge but collectively the team and I have made it a reality and today is the day when we’ve been able to finally open our doors to the worlds press and reveal to the world just what we have been up to for the last number of years”.

“We have, with the help of others, invented new technologies when it comes to certain areas within the automotive industry as well as creating world leading projection methods – nothings impossible” Burns explained.

Knowing Chris personally and having worked alongside him on several occasions over the years, I know just how much this announcement means to him and Rowland French – Executive Producer and Creative Director.

Rowland French

French loves to share his passion for very fast cars and incredible live action theatre with likeminded fans all over the world. And with Fast and Furious Live, we will see, feel and hear his high-performance passion like never before.

Rowland was the creative turbocharger behind the hugely successful Top Gear Live show that toured the world as well as producing the phenomenally popular Top Gear TV program with those three famous car fellas.

However, this new show, based on the beloved movie franchise, is his most jaw-dropping yet.

“It’s been years in the making, and we are beyond excited to finally show fellow fans what we have been creating in order to bring Fast and Furious Live to the global stage” Rowland stated “with this mix of extraordinary stunts, special effects, cutting-edge 3D-projection mapping – as well as drivers pushing their own limits — every performance will create an unforgettable experience for the live audience.”

Other familiar faces in the stunt driving line-up include Co. Tyrone’s Jonny Irwin, best known for his drifting exploits in a V8 equipped Toyota AE86 as well as fellow drifter Buttsy Butler from Waterford who has spent years travelling the globe laying rubber in some insane machinery.

Finally, two-time British Mini racing series winner Chris Knox from Glasgow is another name that will be familiar to those involved in the racing fraternity and if you have attended a supercar day at Nutts Corner in the last couple of years, there is a fair chance it was Knox who took you for a spin in the Ariel Atom.

Kicking off in London’s O2 arena on 19 January 2018, Fast and Furious Live will visit 14 European countries after which the crew and cars will head to the US for two years before heading to Asia in 2021 with a return to Europe to finish off the five-year live tour in 2022.

Tickets go on sale next Friday (29 September) on the Fast and Furious Live Website so be sure not to miss on seeing this high-octane live show first hand at the SSE Arena in Belfast.


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Boabybooster replied at 07:23, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
| seen this on belfast live with a mention of @chris_b Looks to be a lot of effort being put into it so will head to it. Fast & Furious races into Belfast for LIVE show
He's the perfect hair stunt double for vin diesel. :p
Graham replied at 07:29, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
I see a few other familiar faces in the driver line-up too, some effort has been made and look forward to seeing the show
Adam replied at 07:38, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
As much as I hate the recent F&F movies this could be worth a look for a few hours craic.
PeteMoore replied at 10:08, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
The work in the background of this is insane. HUGE congrats to @chris_b
Cro replied at 10:13, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
Rms box?
Rocko replied at 10:15, Fri 22 Sep, 2017 ?oh=b98e504eef327652eb6d4215fe27f1dd&oe=5A4662B8
chris_b replied at 21:35, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
| He's the perfect hair stunt double for vin diesel. :p
:laughing: Thanks guys, its literally occupied my life for the last while and left zero time for much else. However it is all going really well and personally I cant wait to roll the largest car theatre production ever created into my home town next year.
chris_b replied at 21:44, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
Decent clip here explaining how things work in the show. Note this is WIP mapping but you get the idea WF7DqQrXbQY
SEAN G replied at 22:46, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
All credit to you Chris I know the time and effort you have put into this and the scrafices you have made to make this work. Thankfully it's all came to fruition and I don't have to to listen to you bleating on about now -Only kidding - it's great you have succeeded in making your passion your work and at least for the immediate future you have found the direction you sought. Enjoy the rollercoaster.
SMURF1 replied at 23:26, Fri 22 Sep, 2017
Nice one ,chris,jonny and buttsy