Honda CB450 Twin project


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Well this hasn't been updated in a while, and really thats been because progress has been slow. I've been stock piling parts over the last few months.

Was able to source should new fork tubes in Italy. I was hoping that I would be able to repair the existing ones but after attacking them with 80 grit, it was pretty clear the pitting was too deep and would let down the final look of the bike.

Next big purchase was a Motogadget M-Unit. Since I'm already rewiring the bike it made sense to go for something more modern like this that will simplify the wiring and remove the need for any fuses other than the main fuse from the battery to the unit.


Also picked up a new brake master and I couple of other bits of bracketry etc.

The frame itself has been over at Landspeed Auto House for a little while now. Since I can't weld Noel has been helping out getting the frame hoop finalised and putting together the tailpiece. This is V1 of the tailpeice, not exactly how we want it to be but a good starting point.

unnamed (2).jpg

One of the previous owners was a bit of a butcher when cutting the rear mudguard mount off so Noel was able to sort that for me too.

unnamed (1).jpg

Looking to get cracking on this again properly soon. The engine is ready to go back in once I get the frame back and powdercoated. I've picked a colour for the tank/tailpiece which has now been blasted and sealed inside too.