Insurance with 2 main policy holders


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Hello everyone,

just wondering does any know of any insurance companies which allow a policy with 2 main policy holders?

The reason is that I don't drive my car in London at all, the wife drives her car everyday, so if I sell my car I'm looking for a policy which lets us have 2 policy holders as I'm firstly wanting to build my NCB's, and want to still have 3rd party extension in case I need to drive other cars. My current provider, Churchill can't do this


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Never heard of such a thing.

There is always one main policy holder, and then named drivers. Although a spouse often doesnt really cost much if anything. That isnt to say named drivers are also not accumulating a NCB through no claims though ?

Named drivers almost never have that very dubious 3rd party extension anyway.


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Lv do multi car and allow two different cars two main drivers under one policy you can have more cars obviously but just using my own as an example. We changed from admiral multi car who had my wife as main driver on both cars for nearly 5 years now with lv at least iam building my no claims again. Well priced also came in nearly £200 cheaper than admiral. 👍🏻👍🏻