Mazda Updates Fleet with all-new Mazda 2

Discussion in 'Car Chat' started by Graham, Dec 4, 2018.

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    See the blog feature on this - A couple of years ago I drove what was then an all-new Mazda 2, it impressed, but more recently the Japanese maker has given it a bit of an update, offering more for your money.

    As a five-door only model, the baby of the Mazda fleet is quite practical within its segment... Read the Full Article Here


    Read the Entire Article Here
  2. c_rad RMS Regular

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    I had one of these as a courtesy car while mine had some recalls carried out. Brilliant little motor and nippy too for what I assume was the 90ps model.

    I had a great laugh throwing it about the back roads to work and it managed 51mpg even though I drove it like a rental the two days I had the car.

    Highly recommended and a different choice to the usual fodder of small cars.

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