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Anyone on the forum have one of these and can offer some insight as to what they like and dont like?

Seriously consolidating 2 cars into a single EV under a work scheme and from what I gather, there are on PS dealerships here to try one out but really like the look of them and quoted decent range

Performance is not the key here but even the base model that I am looking at is 7 ish to 60 which seems grand

Appreciate all thoughts and also, alternatives



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I have driven a few customers cars. They don’t compare to a model 3 in drive, interior quality or feel. I’d have an SR+ over it.

Tesla customer service is second to none, no idea how you would work with that with no PS dealer here.


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It's an XC40 underneath. You can get a drive in one of them at any Volvo dealer here.

But as above, no Polestar dealer on the island and Volvo don't want to know.

I drove one over in England when they came out, was nice enough. A bit cramped inside compared to the size of it. But nice and comfy and drove well enough. Very Volvo.

They are getting on a bit now in EV terms.

EV to me is more like buying a phone than a car. All the same underneath and do the same thing. More recent better than one that's been around a few years. So just pick a range and a design you like at your price point.

Availability might be the biggest factor at the moment. There is nothing on our car scheme with less than six months. Almost all EV sit at nearly a year or more. The P2 actually has the best availability at around six months. Maybe that says something too...

None of them will ever be a fun car. Too big and heavy for that, never mind forever charging if you did drive hard. But brilliant commuter cars, so think like that.
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