Pump Shots


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fwd + rwd + 4wd
Meh, what the hell, seeing as I was at the garage tonight, tis a little dirty and doesnt show off the new met grey rim colour great, cheers to MiniMad for our time taken selecting it lol, looks better on the car than the stepladder we tested it on.
yea, step ladder wasnt a good example lol definitly looks far better than the bright silver!

Big Blue Winky

RMS Regular
Dodge Viper, SRT
would love too.. big time esp with the roof dropped would be immense lad! just got her minted up to meet up with mark king in his red one for a few pics..
also see what this new twin turbo machines all about lol
They sound like Gallardos with the right exhaust on, which can't be a bad thing.
You'll be left wanting one, I guarantee it, the new M6 looks fresher, sounds meatier despite the turbos and goes like stink, the torque and double clutch gearbox will make yours seem like old tech. Look forward to the pics later though.