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On the RMS Blog: Land Rovers flagship model, the Range Rover has been about for some forty five years or so now and has always been known for raising the bar when it comes to luxury, comfort and off road ability.

The initial models released back in the early seventies however were far from luxurious; in fact they were quite agricultural by today’s standards and served a purpose, a purpose of lugging loads, animals and royalty about an estate, over a plateau or through rivers.

A notable adventure highlighting just how capable the early Range Rover was off road was the 1972 British Trans-Americas Expedition where specially modified Range Rovers became the first vehicle based expedition to traverse the Americas from North to South including the road less Darien Gap.

This off road ability, over the years was combined with the luxury that we all know Range Rovers for today and despite the general silhouette remaining pretty similar throughout the last four decades the Range Rover has smoothed and curved itself into modern day life, not only in looks but with technology too.

Thanks to the hard work of Colin McNab (Group Operations Director) and his huge team at Charles Hurst Belfast we are able to give you a taste of what the latest Range Rover Autobiography is like on and off road with thanks to David Craig and Jason O’Neill in Land Rover Belfast as well as Walter Corr at Ireland Off Road Experience within Clandeboye Estate.

I could make this review exceptionally short by telling you a basic opinion on the latest Range Rover which is as follows; “I have never driven anything at all like it, on or off road it’s simply outstanding and unstoppable with a price tag of a small Bungalow and more toys than Hamley’s in London”.

However this just wouldn’t suffice so as I sup my coffee I will ramble on with my views, good and well good as there isn’t much bad that can be said for this particular model and anything that did niggle me are all available as options so for me personally there is nothing I can really criticise other than the limited practicality in a city due to its sheer size.

First impressions are good, Land Rover’s design team have certainly brought the instantly recognisable shape right up to date with smoother lines, more curves and lighting that wraps onto the wings and quarters beautifully.

With this new styling comes weight reduction with the use of masses of aluminium shaving just shy of half a ton off the new model and adding a 3 litre v6 diesel into the range which should keep the tree huggers happy with its stop|start ability.

Two other engines are available a 5 litre supercharged petrol and a 4.4 v8 diesel as per the model we tested. (Read the Full Article Here)

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Big Pimp

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Fantastic write up on an astounding motor.

The full fats are still a bit too big for me, and my sport has all the features of the big one in a slightly smaller package (they share the same chassis, gearbox and running gear) which suits me better.

I agree too on its off road capability. I literally couldn't believe just how capable the Range Rover I was driving was over the exact same course I had just driven in the defender, and I went everywhere the defender was, done everything the defender did but in complete comfort and luxury.

Great write up


RMS Regular
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Lovely machine. Thought I was going to buy one today but alas, the "new about my ticket" was a £25 win, so I may keep saving!