Seen Podcast Episode 8 with Bob Flavin

See the blog feature on this - Bob Flavin is a automotive journalist and also has been producing several Youtube car reviews a month since 2010, making him the most popular car reviewer on YouTube in Ireland, with 70k subscribers. He also has over 130k followers on TikTok, and was previously the motoring correspondent for the Irish Independent. He regularly spends his time flying around Europe to review cars for major manufacturers, and has recently started holding car enthusiast events near Dublin with huge turnouts.

He joins the Sold as Seen team for a long form conversation on being an automotive journalist in Ireland, being a YouTuber, and bridging the gap to the car enthusiasts. Along with some funny stories and insights along the way.

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The most excited review of the GR Yaris ever.

Bob and Andy at the end of Cannonball Ireland 2021, Titanic Quarter.


Bob answers questions for hours on TikTok



RMS Moderator
A6 / 435D
Just finished it. I’d never heard of him tbh, but it was good chat. Amazing how a career can just take off from nothing.