What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

quattro Rick

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quattro / M796
Blanchardstown down south... my god they were worth it...

4 boxes of 12 bought :joy:

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@da.murf it's just pure motorway the whole way. Boring as get out

Boxes in the fridge when you get home, you'd be surprised how long they stay fresh, and taste quite nice cool.

It's only boring if you're a numpty 😂 take the turn off for Collon and follow the N2 to Ashbourne via slane next time, it's a great drive


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Have you seen those taboo ones in the filling stations, bloody £2.50 each, bargin at 3 for £6! Lol, I’ll confess I’ve got 3 a couple of times! They are really nice too but a bit expensive!