What was the most depressing car you’ve owned?


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all sorts
a 1985 nova 1.2l 3dr saloon...........first car i could insure in my own name i was 18 it was 1998 absolutley hated it horrible to drive and gave so many problems in a short 2 month spell that ended with plumes of smoke when the head gasket failed i pulled up at side of a road got out didnt even look back .....and the good news wasnt there when i returned! next day lol ...result! still dont know what happend to it lol similar to below


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Old Ford
not a car

but supplied by the company i work for

Citroen berlingo

diesel non turbo

cramped hatefull
Yup...Berlingo/Partner has to be one of the worst modern/recent vehicles on the planet. I've the misery of driving one every day in work. There really isnt one positive thing I can think of about it, except it's free for me. And mine proclaims to be turbocharged....but defo one of the slowest vehicles I've ever driven !


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Jeep Renegade 2.0 4x4 with a horrendous 9 speed auto box which sits in 7th or 8th at 30mph.

Thirsty, noisy, cramped, noisy, no room inside, loud, noisy, filters cost an absolute fortune (for what they are), it’s ridiculously hard on fuel and it’s a noisy *******.

Oh, did I say it’s loud...?


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Carlos Brennan
For me, it’s easy....

Vauxhall Calibra that I had 23 years ago. Thing was amazing in the looks dept and sadly the only car I do not have a picture of 😭
However, it was dashboard roulette each and every time you started it and it was constantly giving trouble, although nothing serious like the cylinder head issues most had.

Also, at least once a week some scrote tried to steal it, one week it was so bad the police actually parked up for the night outside my folks house to allow us some sleep 😆
Loved that car on the deck with momo arrows 👌👌


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I don't think I've ever found any car depressing. But a long time ago, I bought a saxo as a stop gap. Ended up putting in a vtr interior, sub and amp, decked it and painted the wheel trims white with colour coded red logos. It was actually good craic at the time, far nippier than 1.2 8v corsas etc.

Anyway, I lent it to a mate one day. He drove past me in the town and I laughed at him. Then remembered, oh **** thats my car lol



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A car
Loved that car on the deck with momo arrows 👌👌
It did look great didn’t it. I remember we’d all get onto the M1 at Lisburn and the valve Astras & GSi Cav would be gone, I’d literally keep the shoe to the headlight the whole way and catch and pass them just after blacks road 😂 the crap we got up to eh lol


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My current daily - 2003 A4 1.9 TDI 130bhp with 360000 miles. It’s rough, mechanically decent apart from a couple of rattles and a dodgy flywheel. I love the car too much to bounce it off hedges and have some fun in it but I hate the car enough that I’ll park it anywhere in the hope someone crashes into it. It depresses me as it just does what it needs to do (25000-30000 miles per year) without any excitement. I’d love to buy something fresh but I just think it’s mad to do that sort of mileage in something newer.

Adam Clarke

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My first 306 D-Turbo. Slower than walking, blown headgasket, blown turbo, **** on diesel, made pretty much entirely out of isopon and generally the worst car anybody could have ever bought and definitely the most depressing car I've owned (Says a lot, currently running around in a 1.1 206 for a few months). I was actually glad when the turbo completely went and seized the engine 🙃


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Think people aren't quite getting the topic here... E92 M3s and fresh A7s being classed as depressing cars.
Are they though? It's "most depressing" which is a rather subjective title, rather than "worst" or "blandest" or "most boring".
So while Gemma's BMW or Ian's Audi might not be the "worst" or "slowest" or anything else, they can be the most depressing...

I must be the only person to have had a Rover that never had head gasket failure (or any car with hgf)
And me. Never had a HGF Rover. Never had a bad Rover either...
until you put "Land" in front of it at least...

Most depressing car I've ever had was a 1.9sdi Mk3 Golf 5 door in green.
It was utterly capable and reliable, and I didn't mind the slowness, but it was
I actually can (and do, regularly) cite it as the reason why I must always have a fast/noisy petrol car available for use. The Golf was fine for 3 weeks straight and then I genuinely got the shakes and needed a rip in something that didn't sound and accelerate like a tractor. Depressing is the very word for it, and it almost killed driving for me. Not a bad car, at all, and even came out of it OK financially, but depressing to a T.

Closely matched by a Vectra C that I borrowed off someone. If it hadn't managed 50mpg it would have had zero redeeming features and it was the same, but by this time I knew to have a V6 petrol car on standby.

And the financially depressing crown goes to a silver Mitsubishi Shogun 2.8 LWB that was on the road for 3 out of 13 months of ownership, and cost scandalous amounts of money. Swapped for a leggy E39 525tds and we were fairly relieved at that...
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Leon cupra/120d
This total bag of dung 90bhp HDI. I sold my ATR for this as I was moving to England and needed to get some funds together. Drove it for 3 months I hated everything about it and randomly wouldn’t start as well. Rear suspension started creaking and it got to the point I couldn’t take rear seat passengers @alan_c. When I bought the Volvo I handbraked into the scrap yard and took the rear door and quarter panel out of play:joy:. Bought for £350 scrapped for £180.