Kris Meeke drives McRae’s Iconic Xsara at Rally Challenge

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Dungannon man Kris Meeke our home grown rally legend, took time out of the World Rally Championship to attend the McRae Rally Challenge at Knockhill, Scotland.  Meeke had the privilege of driving Colin McRae’s former Citroen Xsara works rally car.

It’s been a very special weekend. Number one, it was great to remember and commemorate Colin, and the 20th anniversary of his title. So many people turned out. And, I have to say a huge thank-you to Citroen Racing for supplying Colin’s Xsara WRC; what a mega, mega car to drive

This was an event where memories were re-visited and new memories made and so it was quite appropriate that Alistair McRae won the event outright from Lancastrian rising star Aaron Newby.

Going into the final stage, McRae had a 9 second lead over Newby. “I did get one fright,” said Alister, “we came over a brow in the rain and the car stepped out at the back dragging me off the road into the mud, but I spotted a gap in the trees, went through that, and popped back out on to the stage.”


McRae Rally Challenge Top Ten:

1, Alister McRae / Craig Ritchie,  Proton Satria,  32 minutes 24 seconds
2, Aaron Newby / Paula Swinscoe,  Subaru Impreza,  32.36
3, John Rintoul / Ross Hynd,  Hyundai Accent WRC,  33:19
4, John Paterson / Craig Wallace,  Ford Escort II,  33:38
5, Quintin Milne / Stephen O’Hanlon,  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9,  33:47
6, John MacCrone / Alasdair MacCrone,  Ford Fiesta R5,  33:56
7, Tom Morris / Ashleigh Morris, MG Metro 6R4, 34:05
8, Ian Paterson / Helen Brown,  Subaru Impreza N10,  34:19
9, Gordon Shedden / Stuart Loudon, Ford Escort, 34:25
10, Alan Kirkaldy / Garry Muir,  Ford Escort,  34:27



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