Magic Meeke’s Maiden Win!

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Northern Ireland’s Kris Meeke clinched his first ever World Rally Championship (WRC) win in Argentina today, when he brought his Citroen DS3 WRC home 18.1 seconds ahead of his team-mate, Mads Østberg. By doing so, Meeke became the first British driver in thirteen years to claim victory on the world stage, following in the footsteps of his close friend and mentor, Colin McRae.

Meeke had led the event from Stage 2 on Friday morning. He built a commanding lead, which he then defended resolutely, managing his own pace as well as the condition of his car. Whilst his close rivals had to contend with a range mechanical issues, Meeke was able to preserve the Citroen DS3 and watch as the wheels literally came off the drivers around him.

Kris Meeke WRC win Rally Argentina

Prior to the Argentinean round, the form which saw Meeke end the 2014 season so strongly, seemed to have deserted him. Citroen denied there was any pressure on Meeke. But Meeke himself, expressed frustration with his performances and acknowledged that he needed to improve. Therefore, it was no surprise that despite taking an early lead, Meeke did not want to get drawn on the possibility of a win; he stated that the need to finish the rally was foremost in his mind.

Kris Meeke WRC win Rally ArgentinaSaturday started ominously, with a brief off-road excursion on the opening test. However, Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle quickly settled into a comfortable rhythm at the top of the leader board, choosing to let the other drivers try and attack their substantial lead. After the first run through the longest stage of the rally, fellow Citroen driver Østberg had cut Meeke’s lead in half, yet the Dungannon man did not panic.

Nor did he panic when a fleeting issue with a sensor, on the final stage of Leg 2, caused his DS3 to momentarily lose power. Despite the high drama, Meeke still ended the day on top. All that stood between Meeke and glory were two passes over the challenging lunar-esque landscape of the stage known as El Condor. Or as Kris put it “a Sunday drive.”

Kris Meeke WRC win Rally ArgentinaWith a lead of nearly 40 seconds tucked under his belt, a calculated and controlled Meeke wrapped up victory with a measured jaunt through the 32km final leg. The joy and emotion was clear for all to see as he bounded out of the car at the stop line and jumped onto the roof of the car to celebrate with Paul Nagle. “This one is for Colin.” said Meeke – a nod to to the man who had helped him on his world rallying journey, all those years ago.

Pictures courtesy of Citroen Racing


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chris_b replied at 21:16, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
such a result
FM155 replied at 21:31, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
Yeeeooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Great result, hopefully it'll give him the confidence to carry on and start fighting for the championship. :cool::cool:
Dave.S replied at 22:05, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
Brilliant news
Artoir replied at 22:19, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
Long time coming, fair play to him.
ilovequo replied at 23:03, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
Fantastic! Anyone else remember that weekend on the Ulster when drove a yellow C2!? Led the pack (with 6-10 wrc cars) right through to the last few stages when it started to rain... Class Act
Cess replied at 23:20, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
Almost! :) It was mainly red/white and sponsored by Charles Hurst Citroen. Finished second, I think. Donnelly got past him in the Corolla and McNulty wrote off his Impreza on the first or second stage in a massive accident.
Graham replied at 23:27, Sun 26 Apr, 2015
nothing was sweeter than a proper S1600 car
NIXR2 replied at 07:22, Mon 27 Apr, 2015
Kris has always had the talent but at least now he is getting the machinery to prove his worth!! Well done again to Kris and Paul!! Long may it continue!!
FM155 replied at 08:01, Mon 27 Apr, 2015
| nothing was sweeter than a proper S1600 car
F2 cars were pretty good too. Clio maxi, Megane maxi, 306 maxi, Escort, Golf, Sunny etc. Was a great wee era too.
Woodcutter replied at 08:05, Mon 27 Apr, 2015
Fantastic news, great to have another NI man at the top of his game on the world stage. :) Hope he can continue winning.