Can Ford Edge Ahead of Stiff SUV Competition?

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Ford as a worldwide brand have taken measures to create a “one Ford” type world, where by each model within the range should be available across its global market and indeed this is why the all new Mustang is now available from new, in right hand drive, within the UK for the first time.

Also the all new Focus RS is also available throughout the states and the UK alike and the only major difference for these models is the side on which the steering wheel is positioned. With the Mustang bringing very American looks and styling into the UK showrooms it is of no surprise that an American favourite has been launched with heavy roots across the Atlantic.

By American favourite I do mean the SUV, they absolutely love them stateside and the Ford Edge is no stranger to the American market having been produced there for a decade now. The latest Edge model however is slightly different as it is now in right hand drive and available in the UK but still retains some serious yank looks about it.

Rear of Ford Edge

Looks that I actually think suit the car and set it apart from other cars in the segment such at the Kia Sorento, Volvo xc60 and Audi’s ageing Q5. Thanks to Desmond Ford we got up close with the new Ford Edge and appreciate its yank styling greatly.

Outside the Edge has quite a presence, with the signature Ford open grill up front giving the SUV a larger than life look with this model tested being finished in a sunning metallic pearl paint. The lower sections of the front and rear bumpers as well as the side sills of the car are in black plastic while the front and rear bumpers have a silver protective plate attached when things go off road.

Privacy glass brings me up the side of the Edge and around the rear where the taillights are connected by a very cool looking lighting system that runs the full width of the tailgate. A roof spoiler pokes out just below the shark fin DAB arial at the rear of the roof.

Spec wise this model is fitted with an option frontal camera which aids parking greatly when combined with the rear view camera as well as a panoramic tilt/slide roof which opens up the cabin and gives the impression of more space inside. Key-less entry is complimented with an electric open/close tailgate.

Boot of Ford Edge

The boot offers superb space and with the rear seats folded flat will absorb huge amounts of whatever you need to transport. The only slight disadvantage of the Edge over a couple of rivals is that it doesn’t offer a third row of seating, however I will say that those rivals with seven seats, really don’t offer much room nor comfort so personally I feel Ford have chosen the most comfortable and practical option by sticking with the five seat layout.

Inside the Edge offer very soft, surprisingly supportive and comfortable seats, armchair like in their comfort making this a perfect vehicle for long commutes and far away family adventures.

Having full black leather throughout the front seats are not only heated, but cooled also for that rare day when Irish summer arrives whilst the outer rear seats are heated also.

In the rear there is a 12v outlet with a 3 pin 240v socket also which is mega practical for many and indeed will suit business users and families alike who lead a busy life on the road with a variety of gadgets and computing equipment needing charged.

Front and rear room all round is fantastic with plenty of cup holders for those caffeine addicts on the road. Comfort is aided with dual climate control as well as what looked like double glazed windows with sound cancelling speakers/technology above the front seats to remove any major road noise.

Ford Edge Front Seats

All of the climate functions are visible on the touch screen colour display built into the dash alongside sat nav, phone connectivity and the vast array of entertainment from USB, Aux, Radio and DAB radio as well as being the screen for the camera display.

This Titanium model has a few options added, one of which is the upgraded Sony infotainment system as well as the previously mentioned front facing camera. Generally the Edge is very well equipped even from the base model Zetec to this the Titanium model while the Sport comes in just above being the range topper.

There is one more model that I guess really is the range topper but it comes with a premium price tag and this is the Vignale specification, think of 5 star luxury and quality with a Vignale buying experience to compliment such luxury and you will not be let down.

Engine wise and things are limited making the choice easy I guess. If you want a six speed manual gearbox then the engine which is combined to this is the 2L Duratorq 180ps. If you opt for the automatic ‘box then you will get the same engine with the greater output of 210ps.

Ford Edge Steering Wheel

The automatic ‘box does what it does, and with paddle shift it is convenient, not being a twin clutch type system it will never excite but I must admit I would prefer it over a manual due to the comfortable cruising nature of this all new Edge.

The model tested was the latter and wasn’t exactly sluggish, going from 0-62mph in 9.4 seconds with the manual being half a second slower to the same speed. With 19” alloy wheels fitted to this car wrapped in Continental’s finest rubber the driving experience was good.

A little body roll as expected with any SUV but I must admit the Edge absorbed the meandering roads from Desmond Ford up into the hills around northern Donegal with ease and in great comfort and the four wheel drive system will certainly keep you safe in all road conditions and with reasonable ground clearance is capable of tending to the herd when required.

Pricing for the Edge starts at a snip shy of £30k with this model tested and its options coming in at an estimated £37k whilst a fully loaded Vignale will set you back closer to £45k.
All in all, I could certainly live with the model tested as a daily for munching the miles, throwing a lot of equipment into and taking the dogs to the beach.


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Rocko replied at 12:30, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
I really like these. Saw a black sport this morning and it looks great. Edit: /beard.
Debaser replied at 12:48, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Nice big bus They are absolutely mahooosive though
impact replied at 12:59, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Agreed, black ones look great close up.
Dave.S replied at 13:10, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Awful looking but nice interior that looks very well finished.
Michael M replied at 14:13, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Yea I like these. Would be interesting to see the size difference compared to our mk2 Kuga. The light bar at the back looks ace.
richiemucker replied at 15:33, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Looked at one of these in Desmonds recently. Its gonna be a hard choice between one of these and a Tiguan next year.
Graham replied at 16:46, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
| Looked at one of these in Desmonds recently. Its gonna be a hard choice between one of these and a Tiguan next year.
for a comfy cruise, this thing has it IMO !
Chris100 replied at 18:04, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
Way too expensive, put a few options on a sport model coming on at over £38k:D
Graham replied at 18:05, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
| Way too expensive, put a few options on a sport model coming on at over £38k:D
an equivalent VW or Audi would be £15-20k more though.
Chris100 replied at 18:10, Fri 11 Nov, 2016
A Ford is not in the same bracket as an Audi or BMW, I would expect it to be a lot cheaper than an equivalent SUV from either. It's also terrible looking in that picture, maybe it looks better in the metal but ford would never be getting £38k of my money for one