The Mazda CX-60 is a new SUV by Mazda that offers both plug-in hybrid and diesel options. It is the first PHEV model by Mazda and it features a range of new technologies and design elements that aim to create a fantastic experience for the driver and their passengers.

The PHEV version of the CX-60 has a 2.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor that work together to deliver a combined power of 327ps. The battery can provide up to 39 miles of pure electric driving when in Normal or EV mode, and it comes with a guarantee of 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The PHEV CX-60 also has a low environmental impact, with CO2 emissions of 33 g/km and a fuel economy of 188.3 mpg.

The diesel version of the CX-60 has a 3.3-litre inline-six engine that offers low emissions and excellent fuel efficiency with high levels of torque. The diesel engine is refined and smooth, and it is ideal for long-distance driving and towing heavy loads.

The CX-60 is available in three trim levels: Exclusive-Line, Homura, and Takumi.

Priced from £45,310 all trim levels come with a generous list of standard equipment, such as 18-inch grey metallic alloy wheels, black leather trim with heated front seats, LED headlights and taillights, dual-zone climate control, head-up display, 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless phone charger, rear parking camera and sensors, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert.

The Homura starts at £48,170 and adds some extra features, such as 20-inch black metallic alloy wheels, gloss black honeycomb front grille and gloss black wing mirrors for a sportier appearance. Inside a range of features for added comfort, front seat ventilation, electric steering wheel adjustment, heated outer rear seats, and the new Mazda Personalisation System.

With pricing starting from £49,520.00 the Takumi is the top-of-the-range trim level allowing you to experience unique Japanese design with the Mazda CX-60 Takumi. Featuring White Nappa leather, chrome exterior and interior detailing. Everything about this model is focused on creating a comfortable and satisfying environment for the driver and their passengers.

The CX-60 also boasts a masterfully crafted exterior that reflects Mazda’s distinct Japanese aesthetics and the passion of its designers. The CX-60 has a bold and elegant design that features a large front grille with chrome accents, sleek LED headlights with signature illumination, sculpted body lines that create a sense of movement and dynamism, and a spacious and comfortable cabin that offers more space for the driver and their passengers.

The CX-60 also elevates Mazda’s concept of Jinba Ittai, which means the oneness of car and driver.

The CX-60 is designed to bring driving pleasure to the driver by creating a unique driving experience that feels comfortable, intuitive, and responsive. The CX-60 has a driver-centric cockpit that puts everything in reach and focus of the driver, such as the head-up display, the steering wheel controls and the infotainment system. The CX-60 also has a smooth and agile handling that responds to the driver’s inputs with precision and confidence.

The model tested and picture, a Takumi D Mhev, was fantastic!

Stepping out of my aging BMW 530D into any modern SUV is more often than not a frustrating thing to do. Usually, EV or a mild hybrid petrol, they don’t drive particularly well and they lack guts and any sort of engagement.

I have driven a couple of PHEV’s that aren’t shy of a bit of pace, but with no means to adequately keep the battery topped up at home, they usually run out of their battery powered oomph fairly quickly.

When Mazda announced that they were introducing a 3.3-litre, six-cylinder diesel engine to the CX-60, I was somewhat confused. As amid a sea of eco-friendly powertrains being introduced globally across all brands the last decade, with diesel almost obsolete, Mazda created a set-up that ticks enough eco boxes to make it feasible.

254PS goes to all four wheels faultlessly and with haste. Smooth and far from strenuous, the CX-60 mild hybrid diesel is nothing short of perfect for this SUV with a very large road presence. Via the 8-speed automatic transmission, it can return over 54 mpg despite its weight, which is noticeable under braking.

Loaded with the family and all that is required for a weekend’s glamping at a music festival, the big Mazda coped reasonably. For full-on camping, a large roof box would most certainly be required for the CX-60 to cope.

A few days of solid rain left the parking field in quite a state, with agricultural vehicles of varying shapes and sizes being used to get a lot of people out of the venue on the Monday morning. Thankfully, the Mazda’s all-wheel-drive system worked a treat, as we left under our own steam.


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