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Over the last few months many RMS members have been taking advantage of Stena’s Car Club to Scotland deal, exploring the fantastic roads and stunning countryside of Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland.   For only £39 for car + 2 return for the day, this has been a runaway success on the forum and a chance to explore the A77, A75 and surrounding areas that are normally just a trunk road to get home from further afield.

Zach’s 208 showing evidence of many miles done in stunning scenery

Some headed North towards Fort William, if for nothing else but to recreate that iconic Skyfall DB5 image.  Others headed to Gretna, Moffatt or Dumfries.  I headed to the south tip of the Mull of Galloway, about an hour south of Stranraer to a stunning lighthouse and visitors centre, before traversing the A75 towards Dumfries and then making our way back to the 7.30pm Cairnryan ferry.

If you are thinking of clocking a few winter miles, I’d highly rec commend following the Stena threads on the forum and join us when the next date is released.


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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

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Boydie replied at 17:29, Wed 15 Jan, 2020
If you were allowed to extend over the entire weekend I’m hoping to go over on the 15th
Mark315 replied at 17:31, Wed 15 Jan, 2020
@miniator @StuartS
Laundrymike replied at 17:40, Wed 15 Jan, 2020
Cheers for the heads up @Eddie_
miniator replied at 07:06, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
| @miniator @StuartS
Boydie replied at 08:26, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
There is a drag and drift session at Crail on the 16th - getting there and back is do-able but weather depending I hope to head over with Carson on the Saturday so if anyone wants to head over that way, could tie up at Crail, £20 entry for all day drifting and/or drag racing. Will take roughly 3 hours to get to Crail from Cairnryan so could be there for lunch, few laps then head back for the boat. However, we plan to go over Saturday morning, head to Loch Lomond (at the minute), tour about central Scotland and head to Fife. Crail the next day.
Chris100 replied at 09:18, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
I was going to book again last night, however I'm not sure what is doable in the time given the routes I have already driven. May still book anyway, I really enjoyed the last one and it's more interesting than my usual Saturday's.
Cooper replied at 10:15, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
After badgering Stena to give us a heads up and finally getting someone who knew about the offers, not a word. : unamused: At least the eagle eyed RMSers are on the case.
warren replied at 10:45, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
Booked to head over on the 22nd with 2 others, loved it last time! First proper road trip in the Boxster too.
Jamesc replied at 11:25, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
Concidering it myself, though the questionable weather this time of year has be having second thoughts, though met office only gives chance of snow for the North on high grounds for february.
gav525 replied at 11:57, Thu 16 Jan, 2020
Taking the Monkey bike across on the 16th to explore at 40mph, apologies to anyone who has to overtake me. Would love to take the car on one of the other dates but they don't suit unfortunately. I saw something about them doing a 30hr return cheaper somewhere which would be good for a night on the rip somewhere