Trackskills August 2016 Track Day at Kirkistown Circuit

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Having had a Race School cancelled the previous day due to the bad weather, our sacrificial virgin proved her worth and we had great weather on Sunday until 4:50pm, when the drizzle began as a precursor to a downpour.

The first car on track was Ryan Weir in his well-finished BMW 320. Justin Duff was back for two in a row in his BMW and we welcomed Nicholas Wood back in his “Princess”, a Honda engine Lotus Elise. These cars motored quickly and trouble-free all day.

Damien Moran had a nice V5 Golf, in place of his trusty Elise, this time. It went well until late in the day, when gremlins struck. Derek Le Mahieu didn’t seem to have been slowed by his recent Canadian holiday and his black Focus went well all day.

John Cosgrove will have to endure the wrath of his brother Michael for breaking their trusty Toyota MR2 in his absence. An excess of brakes seemed to be the problem!

Track Car Side View

Highlight of the day for me was the great tussle that Terry O’Neill in his Maserati 4200 had with Jonathan Garrett in his Audi RS4. While they were always a respectable distance apart, the combined sound was wonderful!

John Bates lapped quickly and safely in his VW Bora as did Conor Doherty in his Clio. Other Clio’s included Mark Mooney, who always goes very well, Brendan Cumiskey, who seemed to have a trouble free run at last, Alan Forde who ran trouble-free and fast all day and Leslie Graham who had an engine issue after his second run.

David Hill was there for the first time in his mint Fiesta ST with a very snazzy paint job. The sun (yes, it was shining!) reflected wonderfully on the metal flake. He and his companion both drove well but elected to quit shortly after lunch, having had a good time.

Subaru Side View

We had an influx of Murray Motorsport cars for the first time. All were well turned out and mostly ran quickly without problems. I think the only issue was a boost pipe, or suchlike, coming loose on Davey Murray’s Impreza. Paul and Ryan were also running Impreza’s while Seamus was running a Honda Civic and Declan was running an Astra GSi.

Arnold Gibson was flying, as usual, in his Yellow BMW and he and Stephen Potter (Integra) were never far apart.

Lyle Simpson had a Nissan 300ZX, which seemed to be a bit of a handful in the corners. A dodgy rear shock absorber was suspected.

Colm O’Duil and David Cousins were upholding the reputation of the Mazda MX5. The #22 East Engineering car had a fuel pressure problem, early in the day but David sorted that and it ran well to the end. Colm’s car never missed a beat.

Track Car Side View

Dean Kennedy’s Civic is a really quick machine and he made best use of it all day. Jonathan Christie had forsaken his trusty Prelude for the joys of a Civic and it took a serious constant pounding.

The Locaterfield brigade were represented by Stephen Dawson in his Caterham and Andrew Parkinson in his MK Indy.  Stephen had just decided to call it a day and head home, when the heavens opened! Half an hour earlier and he would have been home and dry! Unfortunately, Andrew’s car had an expensive blow-up towards the end of the day.

As ever, the marshals did a great job all day, as did Philip Brooks who provided medical cover and generally did anything else that needed doing. Thanks to all of them.

Our next date is after a five week gap on Sunday 25th September.

Photos by Tom Maxwell


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thornracing replied at 21:48, Sun 21 Aug, 2016
Some 360 onboard footage of Andrew Parkinson's NI7 race car 1219619681422774
mk3doc replied at 08:48, Mon 22 Aug, 2016
Hop | Well, had the Clio out today. Either clutch or gearbox away on 2nd outing. Great day out though as usual but probably October before I'll be out again as young lad starting autograss! Great turnout and some quick motors on show.
hope it's a easy fix the Clio great day out like u said
AndyG replied at 09:10, Mon 22 Aug, 2016
Anyone know anything about the silver 5 door saxo?
Marc replied at 10:12, Mon 22 Aug, 2016
| My 1st Trackskills for a few months and yes I did feel rusty! Weather was perfect until about 4.30, I got soaked and went home lol @Les Graham, hope it's something stupid and an easy fix buddy (y) Good to catch up with @Marc, get that compact to a track :p 235 sounded epic on your way out :cool: Maybe next time I can actually crack the 1.09s, hopefully it's in me! W8naa7OogzQ
looking good, was fun to watch you with the Gareth in the 330i behind you for most of the session
justin_D replied at 15:07, Mon 22 Aug, 2016
| Brilliant day! Was not going to be there but managed to find some time in the end and headed down. Right choice! Great weather, track perfect, car perfect :) As above, plenty of nice cars out as usual, from light speed rockets like Jagged and his friends to the smiliest bunch of them all in the Fiestas, and everything in between. The mad wee Mini was just superb, was sure it was going to blow up as it howled by on the limiter, excellent stuff! And @justin_D back from the dead, and back in an M3, doing what he does so very well :) Been ages Justin, good to meet up again (y)
Not dead, just comatose in middleagedom for a few years lol :oops:. Great to meet up again and thanks for the tip on Fishermans, much better for the rest of the day(y) Great day and run like clockwork by Trackskills as always(y) Rain hit hard all of a sudden at 4.30 and I was stuck on slicks so ended up getting soaked having to switch wheels back to road legal. All part of the fun:cool:
V8 replied at 16:28, Mon 22 Aug, 2016
Some photos from Stuart Woods.
mk3doc replied at 06:32, Tue 23 Aug, 2016
jagged replied at 08:52, Tue 23 Aug, 2016
Busy day last sunday , the most cars I've seen at a trackday ! lots of fine machinery there all going quickly , nice to see so many bmw's , though I think @StephenDc2 in the manic Honda the fastest outfit there . The rains came at 4.30ish and just before that the Rs4 and the Maserati were on track together ,the noise they were making obviously corrupted Donals virgins and caused the heavens to open !!!:oops:. Had only slicks with me so had to call it a day , but enjoyed the tracktime I got , As ever thanks to Donal and crew for a well managed event .
thornracing replied at 11:25, Tue 23 Aug, 2016
that should be the 360 video above working now....
thornracing replied at 13:38, Tue 23 Aug, 2016
| Anyone know anything about the silver 5 door saxo?
has a VTS engine in it, they only put the engine in it the night before the trackday