Speed Weekend NI, Balmoral Park, Lisburn


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Fiesta 1.25 Ghia
last year we were down on both saturday and sunday, sunday was a much more setup and organised day than saturday was...
the drifting was awesome with spectators being taken out for a few laps of the course... at the same time the rallycross was on which was brill too.
the car show had an exellent turnout also... with very nice trophies awarded and prizes alongside.


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Went down on the Sunday last year with the mx5 for the autotesting and thought it was great craic! Let my dad drive away at it as he had broken his Triumph the day before.

I did insist that I got to drive for the the demo run of the rally stage. Was brilliant even if the car was still at its decked on nice wheels phase and I thought I had ruined it :party:

Hoepfully be at it this year again!


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E36 318is/vRS
Is it really worth the £30 entry fee?? £12.50 each and then £5 parking.
If there's a big crowd tomorrow, then yes. Not many shows have more or less every type of Motorsport about in one place.

Be nice to see a few more rally cars, bit subdued compared to last year.


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Was decent enough. Only problem was you think there is alot more to do when reading their website etc than there actually is when you turn up lol. Drifting and autotest were the only things that ran all day,autotest is a load of balls and driftings boring after 20mins so you spend most of the day waiting on the drag/spring/rallying starting.

Show&shine was pish although thats not the organisers fault,although a 350z got car of the show today..madness considering there was a dc2 just short of 500hp,escort cossie,chevetes etc.

No trade stands for cleaning products etc,just insurance and citroen merchandise from memory,thats all i saw.

That said it was decent for wasting a few hours.