Over the next three days, St Anne’s Square, Belfast, is host to the Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% ‘IL PITSTOP’ event featuring the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team to whom the Italian beer is a partner.

The event, which opens to the public on Friday 17th June from 1500hrs until 2100hrs, will continue on Saturday 18th from 1200hrs to 2100hrs, before concluding at 1800hrs on Sunday 19th with the attraction open from 1200hrs.

Entry to the experience, which affords you to ‘Feel the Passion Inside’ with an intimate up-close and personal feel to an F1 racing garage, is open to adults aged 18 years and over. It brings the passion from inside the garage via a new multi-sensory activation.

‘IL PITSTOP’ will immerse you in the sights, sounds and smells of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team garage, whilst providing a unique and elevated opportunity to trial the crisp and refreshing Italian taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%.

Joining the experience at a VIP launch which we attended today was Aston Martin Formula 1 team’s ‘Driver Ambassador’, Jessica Hawkins. Jessica works with the team in a variety of disciplines, including at Grand Prix, and has also worked as a stunt driver for the James Bond movie franchise.

The last time I chatted with Jess was four years ago, in this very city, as she was then one of the precision stunt drivers in the Fast and Furious Live tour which visited the SSE Arena. Since then, Jess has raced successfully in the UK within the TCR championship, as well as on the global stage within the W Series.

“They were the best days!” Jess said about her last visit to Belfast, “Things have progressed since then. I first signed for the team [Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team] about a year and a half ago and it originally started as media roles, hot laps (which is my favourite roll), sponsorship work, partner work, and comms work. So a lot of media work, really.”

Jess continued, “This year, on top of that, I will be doing simulator work which will be starting in the next few weeks. It’s a dedicated SIM programme which is great and it proves that my job in growing and growing, which is ideal for me and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

“This visit to Belfast see’s me here with ‘IL PITSTOP’ brought to you by Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% and it’s really an opportunity to come down and experience as close to the Formula One garage as what you can get without being at the track.

“It’s thought that less than 20% of Formula One fans actually get to go and view a race, so Peroni are bringing the experience to you. We have a like-for-like Formula One car replica and a pit-stop challenge, which I believe is going to get incredibly competitive over the weekend.

“We’ve got smells of the garage, we’ve got some sounds which features the race engineer speaking to the driver, and the driver speaking to the engineer, which is audio from a real race. And best of all, you get to try a Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%!”


Graham is a photojournalist and motoring writer with over 20 varied years of coverage from manufacturer press launches to international motorsport and motoring events throughout the world. Graham is a full member of the Guild of Motoring Writers and Ulster Motor Writers Association.