Has the used car market finally lost the plot? RMS member Woodcutter seems to think so, and he has a fairly good case in point:

In my day it was called a skip, but it would appear now it’s a classic car worth almost £6k! ?

The so called “classic car market” has gone to the dogs, speculators everywhere who think anything old is a classic and worth stupid money. It all reminds me of the property boom back in 2006/7 when every man thought they were a developer and jumped on the bandwagon. The crash is coming, I’m sure of it!

The ad in question for this local Lada can be seen here and reads:

Very last of the original UK RHD 1997 Lada Riva’s sold with 265 miles from new. Original V5 with one registered owner.

(Yes 265 miles from new) time warp condition.

From a private Collection of classic cars.

Lada Riva 1.5E catalyst 5 Speed Saloon.

Colour white ACP 233 in its original stunning Russian Lada factory paint. Still has the original Lada touch up spray can. 

There is no doubt the used car market is over inflated, but is the bubble about to burst?  Over to the forum…


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