Donal O’Neill from Trackskills Joins Sold as Seen Episode 11

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Donal O’Neill is circuit manager at Kirkistown Race Circuit, the fastest circuit in Ireland, one half of Trackskills, Saloon Racing winner, owner of Mulsanne Casinos … and he’s a hypnotist.  He’s competed in motorsport for decades in multiple disciplines from motorcycles to formula Vee.

In this show we talk about Kirkistown, his life at the circuit and beyond, and what the future holds for the track under his stewardship.  Donal is a natural raconteur with plenty of great stories to hear along the way.

See for this year’s track day dates.



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Andy is the founding member of RMS, and when he's not following motoring events around the UK and Ireland he can be found on the track (sideways, having competed in top level drifting for a decade), or of course he'll be on the forum.

RMS Forum Comments

pablo replied at 12:02, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
this should be good!
Marc replied at 13:08, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
It’s well known that Donal can tell a good story! This is gonna take me a few days to get through this episode with the 40mins a day I get peace to listen to it ???
Cooper replied at 13:13, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
Some photos we talked about: Pamela Ballentine: Early 60s Paddock: Start Finish in the 50s - no barriers, tower etc: Douglas Motorsport: Team Elite:
gav525 replied at 16:36, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
Cracking listen so far, only get 48mins at a time listened to as its 24min walk along the beach each way to collect my lunch and back lol @Cooper definitely relate to what you were saying about popping out to do a 30min job in the garage and it taking the whole day, or longer! Wife always laughs now when i say i'm just heading out to do a quick job in the garage :joy:
Coog replied at 17:37, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
Great episode gents!
Marc replied at 18:18, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
Great episode! Enjoyed it! Donal doesn’t seem to be old enough for all those experiences!
Big Pimp replied at 23:30, Wed 26 Jan, 2022
Brilliant guys
Gaz replied at 09:03, Thu 27 Jan, 2022
It was a very enjoyable one to record, could sit and listen to Donal tell Kirkistown stories all day.
300trophy replied at 18:27, Thu 27 Jan, 2022
That was a brilliant episode. It’s really whet my appetite to get out on another track day again!
Zach57 replied at 00:59, Fri 28 Jan, 2022
Great episode guys. I enjoyed listening about the Limavady tech as I studied motor vehicle there from 2012-16. They had an ex police Mondeo ST and 2 3rd gen Astra’s for track driving. I think they stopped the track driving around 2012/2013. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the ones at it.