Author Gary Reilly

Gaz is an avid car enthusiast who has been part of the RMS admin team for over 10 years. In his spare time he enjoys writing car articles, teaching his son bad manners and fantasising about his lottery win garage.

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With DCT gearboxes appearing in everything from Ferraris to toasters, is the death knell sounding for the manual gearbox – and does this signal the end of an era for performance cars? Gaz ponders the demise of our trusted comrade…..

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Just as Honda are about to launch an all new Civic Type R – now uncharacteristically turbocharged – we take a look back at what many believe is the pinnacle of Honda’s B-series cars, and one of the greatest handling FWD cars ever.

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With large naturally aspirated engines dying a slow death thanks to increasingly strict emissions regulations, we take a peep back through time at BMW’s mammoth and unapologetic V12 super-coupe

Car Show
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Held at the NEC in Birmingham since 1991, the annual Autosport show has come to be known as one of the UK’s biggest motorsport events on the calendar. Making my first trip over (although some of my co

Car Show
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Sunday 6th June saw the annual Causeway Ford Fair ( take place at Portrush again. Held in the grounds of the Dunluce Centre, the show was one of the bigger Ford shows