Former Top Gear Trio primed for Amazon

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Amazon has today, officially announced that former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are reuniting to create an all-new car show, exclusively for Amazon Prime. The show will be produced by the trio’s long time executive producer Andy Wilman.

On working with Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson said, “I feel like I’ve climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship.”

The first show will go into production shortly and arrive exclusively on Amazon Prime in 2016.

This is a big move for Amazon, as streaming services are becoming increasingly popular and companies are fighting for a share of the market against rvial giants such as Netflix.

It was previously rumoured that the trio had signed with Netflix or ITV, though it was clearly Amazon Prime that made the three amigos the most appealing offer.


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RMS Forum Comments

Blackie 11:43 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Dammit! I'm going to have to pay the £75 or whatever it is now lol
Simon998 11:45 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
That'll be another download then. Bollocks to paying £79 for Prime. I had the trial and half the content was asking me to pay a further fee to watch it.
Lewis. 11:46 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Should have been netflix, il not bother with prime.
Steve C 11:47 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Nope, not for me.
Crow555 11:53 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Downloaded here as well. Amazon Prime isn't worth £79 a year. Netflix has much more content and can be pointed at the US version as well.
acsmyth 11:53 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Amazon primes UK content is much much better than UK Netflix, their movie catalog is far more up to date.. ..but for all those with access to Torrents i'm sure you will be able to download it for free anyway!
Coog 11:55 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Amazon is grand. I'd watch Netflix more but now that Topgear (or whatever it will be called) is coming it'll be even more worth it. Hopefully they don't charge extra above the normal subscription fee.
Crow555 11:55 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Based on our free trial, we didn't think so.
PaulYDP 11:59 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
Get Amazon Prime for free through work so happy days for me - have to agree though I rarely use it and most things I do find that I want to watch it asks me to pay for it!
acsmyth 12:01 | Thu 30 Jul, 2015 | Report
91132 Amazons new releases in the last week alone. They seem to have struck more deals with production companies than Netflix. Amazon also lets you access thousands of albums, and you get free first class delivery on any items ordered. I have both Netflix and Amazon, and I much prefer Amazon.