Uber Belfast: Taxi Service comes to Province

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Ubiquitous, hugely successful and sometimes controversial taxi service app, Uber, is coming to Belfast, Northern Ireland just before the end of 2015.

This could be great news for the public giving more choice in getting home from a late night at Christmas, with Uber making it significantly easier for taxi drivers to start out on their own with their paying customers coming from the Uber app.  They will still have to hold a valid Private Hire licence and we presume have vehicles PSV’d as required.

If you haven’t given Uber a try in other cities (it’s in Dublin already), it is very similar in operation to local taxi company apps.  Enter your destination, times and number of people and away you go, tracking your Uber driver until he collects you.  What’s more, payment is taken through the app so no more ‘Could you stop at a cash machine, mate‘ on your way to the big smoke.  You can also rate your driver which can help keep standards up.  Think Tripadvisor for taxi drivers.

It seems to be great for drivers as well.  All they need is the Uber app at their end to collect jobs, without having their dashboard drilled to cheese for the 14 separate systems that seem to bestow some of our public cabs.  We hope that this will tempt more taxi drivers to help with the demand at sensible prices on the run up to Christmas.  I don’t think our local taxi firms are just as excited at the prospect.

Uber Belfast goes live on 11th December, and you can download it from all good App Stores.


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Rocko replied at 09:23, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
The "bais" will have them burnt out Paris stylee. Which is a shame, my Christmas do is on the 12th.
johnm replied at 09:25, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
I've had it downloaded on my phone for about a month now waiting on it. I cant wait till it comes on and stops this stupid mad rush for taxi's on a weekend. me - are you booked? taxi driver - yes me - give you an extra tenner TD - aye alright me - absolute chancer who doesnt really give a sh*t and is just out to get as much as he can. Ok, that is sort of fair enough but it does my tits in trying to get one at the weekend.
spaceh0pper replied at 09:26, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
I use it all the time here in London, and have used it all over - Paris, Beijing, the US, Delhi. It's fantastic. Belfast is a bit small though, and I wonder if there will be enough critical mass of drivers where you need them and when, to make it work. It will be great if it does. No more wandering up the Lisburn road at 4am on New Year's morning because you can't get a joe baxi.
dub replied at 09:34, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
Epic banter will be had with the bais for sure!
Boydie replied at 09:36, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
I've got a moped...
Boydie replied at 09:37, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
But yeah be interesting!! Used UBER in LA in the States and it was great!! So easy to get a cab
Peadar replied at 09:44, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
How do you become an uber driver? Do you need taxi insurance etc?
midgelfc replied at 09:49, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
I've used it in the states a few times, last time was in New Orleans, which is a pretty big city, but there were hardly any available. Last time i used it was in Dublin a few months ago and it was awesome, what surprised me there was it was normal taxi guys turning up, so as well as being an official Dublin city taxi the guy was also an Uber driver. If taxi men in Belfast can do the same thing then i don't know why they wouldn't want to, they'll have access to an entire new customer base and can do it inbetween depo jobs. I hate taxi drivers, both as a road user and being a passenger, as @johnm says, at the end of the night all they're interested in is picking up drunk girls, unless you're willing to pay over the odds for a fair.
Rocko replied at 09:49, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
@Peadar Sign Up To Drive With Uber - Earn Cash With Your Car
midgelfc replied at 09:50, Fri 04 Dec, 2015
| How do you become an uber driver? Do you need taxi insurance etc?
Yeah you need a private hire taxi license and be fully insured. Also i'm pretty sure Uber also have a set of rules as well, your car has to be only a few years old etc