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Just my 2 cents worth on the changes for 2021.....it won't change F1. It's not the engine regs or aerodynamic regs that need to change it's the majority of circuits used that need to change.

Regardless of what the configuration the cars is, was or will be, the same circuits produce good or great races and that will be the same during 2021 and beyond. Unfortunately most of the circuits used in F1 just do not produce even mildly interesting races.

If I was the CEO of Liberty Media I'd be looking at circuit changes before car changes. The only races that I'd guarantee a place on the calendar would be: Canada, USA, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Austria. The problem would be finding alternatives to all the others ( even with not charging the $ that Bernie was extorting ).

I look at Abu Dhabi and I could cry. They had a blank cheque, no planning restrictions and they FUBAR. FFS even the cowboys behind Lake Torrent came up with a better looking circuit.


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Id add a few more to that list, Suzuka & Silverstone are amazing tracks too. There are a few boring tracks but if you watch some of the lesser series racing on those tracks there's plenty of action. On the other hand a lot of great tracks have the usual precession. Theres a lot of things that make a great race, inclement weather, SC, someone on the podium who doesn't usually get there, unpredictability is the key. Hopefully closer racing adds to that.


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Formula 1 would be a lot worse off if Mercedes decided to withdraw.
I know they (car maker) cut a lot of jobs recently in Germany so it wouldn’t be a total surprise.
I remember reading something with Ross Brawn and he was saying off the record Mercedes were begging for a budget cap just as much as the smaller teams as the amount of money they are pouring into it is not sustainable and they are in a position where they can’t be seen to be backing down and reducing the budget to the team.