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Ill construct a proper lengthy reply to this when I have the time over the weekend. As there is so much misunderstanding to what a coating does, how its maintained, how the environment the car is in, the products used on top or during washes etc and ill include a few diagrams that explain it.

If your using carnauba etc based detail sprays for example this will have a massive negative effect on water behaviour (which is what's provided by EXO, not the ceramic, ceramics sheet water) as the wax base then becomes your sacrificial layer and clogs the EXO simultaneously.

As for swirls, we will answer that too as different types of ceramic address it in a different way. They will massivley reduce the rate of defects reappearing, provided you wash the car properly. The one consistant comment we get when doing our care for your ceramic days is that those that attend realise they arent washing their car with the correct technique.

I will create a proper guide on how to wash a car. This is something we recommend everyone learns as it is the very foundation of caring for your cars cosmetic appearance.

As I say I will answer this in detail properly.

@jshek007 we can sort that next week for you :grinning:

Hello @big_pete. Not sure if your going to have some extra/spare time coming up, but would love to see if you could get a reply up at some stage in relation to correct cleaning & maintenance of ceramic coatings. Also interested to hear about correcting techniques for a few small swirls we have on our car (two cars coated with Gtechniq Ultra). Also keen to see what products you recommend. Cheers (y)


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Air fresheners seemed to be a huge weakness for me.
Really getting on to detailed onlines sents.
Warm cookies, kreed and black forest.
Priced at nearly 6 quid you could say it's dear but they run offers on interior for 6 bottles of products for £12 and normally run discount with free delivery.

Mad cows stuff have wowo and stroop. Wowo is unreal sweet like nearly sicken other is a dull version of warm cookies.

Still love 50 cals Christmas one, put the vents to the floor on warm and spray it will last a few days.

California sents do last the longest I think but you get used to them so quick after a week you lose the smell. They are quick dear normally running 4 to 8£ depending on where you buy them from what I see.

Time wise on any of them I've no idea I've my nose broke that many times my sense of smell is shot, other half says they last a good while.

Also how many is to many 😂